Yutaki Heat Pumps for your Home

Our range of Yutaki heat pumps provide you with efficient heating and hot water from renewable technologies

Energy efficient heating solutions

With the ever increasing awareness of climate change, Hitachi Cooling & Heating has launched a range of renewable heating solutions for homes called Yutaki. 

It's clear that our planet is changing and changes need to be made to the way we heat our homes. Our range of air to water pumps can provide that alternative.

With the support of government schemes, changes in the way we build homes and homeowners wanting a better solution to high fossil fuel prices, there is clearly a need for something different. Something renewable. With a variety of outputs and water temperatures the Yutaki range can provide the optimal solution no matter the type of poperty or heating emitters. Whether new build or renovation Hitachi Heating & Cooling's innovative range is the perfect partner.

Hitachi Cooling & Heating has developed simple to install, simple to comission and most importantly simple to operate units that are of the highest quality, efficiency and have very low noise levels.

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Hitachi Air Source Heat Pumps for Residential Spaces


Our range of cooling and heating solutions provide households with the leading climate control technology to create and maintain the perfect indoor environment. Our advanced Yutaki solutions for home heating offer the versatility that each project requires, as well as unbeatable efficiency and reliability. Our collection of elegant and efficient options are designed to adapt to you and the spaces that they inhabit.

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